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Financial Translations

Translation of reports, balance sheets, and financial documents.

Your Word specializes in translation of reports, balance sheets, and all other financial documents. Your Word has a unique method for translating financial documents while maintaining compatibility in translation.

Why choose us?

  • Professional translation of complicated financial documents
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Over 1000 experienced translators ready to translate to over 70 languages
  • International standard work process
  • Project managers and quality assurance

How we work:

Unique characteristics of financial documents:

  1. Text repetition within one document or within several documents.
  2. A lot of numerical data which raises the chances for errors
  3. Tables and charts which must be both translated and adjusted.
  4. Special file formats like Excel.

How Your Word handles them:

  1. By using translation memory, previous translations, and identifying repetitions in advance we streamline the translation saving both time and money for the client.
  2. Numbers are automatically copied to prevent typing errors at the translation stage.
  3. Automated changes in writing direction and table design when necessary, a process which saves time.
  4. Dedicated financial glossary so that the translator does not need to learn new terms, thus preventing errors and saving time.
  5. Automated integration of the translation into various types of files while maintaining the consistency and integrity of the translation.

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