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Software Localization

Proper localization can be the key to the success or failure of a product in a new market. With years of experience, we make sure that your product reaches its full potential by making the software’s language understandable and accessible to the local market. Software localization breaks the barriers of cultures and ethnicities and makes your product a truly global one.

Your Word offers professional software localization services in over 70 languages that meet ISO standards. We have an in-depth knowledge of language structure and regulatory requirements that mean you get a top tier localization service. We use specialized software and unique work methods that will save you, the client, time and money. Our team of experts is available 24/7.

Why choose us?

  • Specialized in Software Localization
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Translation to over 70 languages
  • International standard work process
  • Project managers and quality assurance

Our process:

Preliminary stages:

  1. Internationalization I18N: I18N experts collaborate with the product development team to design and adapt the software to accommodate different languages smoothly. We will assess the level of I18N and supply you with a detailed report includes any issues discovered and required development tasks.
  2. Pseudo Translation: Upon receiving the resource files, we will simulate a real localization process, replacing letters, characters, and symbols this way we can control and foresee possible problems such as letters or characters not supported by the software, or are partially displayed, text size restrictions, and problems producing reports.
  3. Choosing a Strategy: The most efficient work strategy is chosen, based on the range of target languages, existing budget, product structures, marketing objectives, and the company’s development processes. The client receives a detailed report at this stage and a timetable.
  4. Analysis: Using translation memory software and based on any previous translation memory we will specify the processes and stages required for the project. The manner in which the files are analyzed and its subject matter influence the entire project, since price quotes are based on this analysis, and the work required.


  1. Creation of a dedicated glossary: important terms are added and translated in order to ensure an accurate and consistent translation. The translation is done by one of our professional translators and given to the client for approval.
  2. Translation and Proofreading: the material is translated and then proofread by another translator in order to guarantee the most accurate translation.

Quality Assurance:

  1. Single segment context: Reviewing the text within the software to assure everything is translated to its correct meaning.
  2. Graphic tests: When switching languages often font sizes and attributes may get changed of not suit the new translation causing them to be cut off or not appear correctly on screen.
  3. Functional tests: Making sure the translated product is not subject to “functional regression” as a result of the translation and localization process. In accordance with customer requirements, a comprehensive or sample functional test can be carried out in a single round or several rounds.

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