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Website Globalization

Your Word has specialized in professional website globalization for the last 15 years.

Your website is where you create your first impression on the client: Your Words makes sure that it is the right one. We know how important it is to make your website suitable for the local market. Translating a website is more than simply words: it is about starting a conversation with potential clients in a language they understand. Here at Your Words we excel at translating and adapting your website for the local market while remaining true to your original meaning.

Why choose us?

  • Over 15 years of experience in website localization
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • Translation to over 70 languages
  • International standard work process
  • Project managers and quality assurance

Our process:

  1. Initial Characterization: We Study your CMS and define a work method including, but not limited to, uploading text to the site, saving versions, and layout design.
  2. Analysis of Client Files: Working with the source files (we work with all file types including HTML, PHP, JAVA, and XML) and using tools to preserve the translation memory, we analyze the text requiring translation and the amount of work necessary. We then send a price quote based on this estimate.
  3. Dedicated Glossary: Together with the client we create a dedicated glossary containing terms that are important and unique to your text. The glossary is created at the beginning of the project and translated by a professional. It is then sent to you, the client, for approval.
  4. Translation and Proofreading: the material is translated and then proofread by another translator in order to guarantee the most accurate translation.
  5. QA testing: At the end of the translation stage and after uploading the files to the content management system, multilingual testing will performed in order to verify the quality of the translated site. These tests include verifying the accuracy of the translation context, design testing and functionality testing confirming the translated site is fully functional.

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